We were invited to participate in a Public Safety DAS training seminar for AHJ s from various municipalities, covering all aspects of public safety DAS and the code requirements. We provided a presentation on the NFPA- 72, NFPA-1221 Public Safety DAS for Certificate of Occupancy requirements for the Dedicated Annunciator Panel portion of the system.

This panel is an important part of the NFPA-72, NFPA-1221 Public Safety DAS frequently overlooked resulting in failure to obtain Certificate of Occupancy. It provides onsite situational awareness for the incident commander to determine if communication is possible with crews dispatched to various floors and other parts of the building. Frequently the DAS headend is on a high floor in the building and not located in the fire command room where the annunciator panel is installed.

Incident Commanders need to be aware of any amplifier or AC power failure within the system. If power is out, it is important to know how much backup battery capacity is remaining. It is critical to know that the donor antenna is still connected to the amplifier and is not damaged.

The Annunciator Panel must be completely independent and cannot be part of any other fire panel used to monitor the structure. It must have its own backup battery, large easy-to-read annunciators in a smoke-filled room and be enclosed in a NEMA-4 enclosure. All wiring into or out of it must be in conduit. The wiring to the DAS equipment alarm-relays must be industry-standard supervised loops providing the required communications integrity in the event of a severed, disconnected or shorted cable.

Our Models 1221-A or 1221-B are compatible with any BDA:

  • CommScopeAntenna Fail Monitor Public Safety
  • ADRF
  • Westell
  • Surecall,
  • G-wave
  • FiPlex
  • TE
  • Bird
  • Comprod
  • Dali
  • Comba-Axell

Compatibility with backup power supplies include

  • Alpha Technologies
  • APC

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